Weekend Garden Apprenticeship with Ianto!


Coquille, OR


CCC Volunteers

Start Date: 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

End Date: 

Sunday, July 14, 2019


$0 / Work Trade


Includes all meals, ask about accommodations when you contact us


Get ready for a onther great weekend in the Garden with Ianto Evans!!!  Don't miss it folks - if you missed the opportunity earlier in the year or if you just had so much fun and learned so much you have to come back for more....then give us a call to reserve your space and come play in the garden with Ianto (you'll learn more than you can ever imagine!!!)

This is a spectacular site in a rain forest with huge trees. There are great views up the mountain and along our whitewater creek. Every day there will be a magical nature walk led by Linda and Ianto, the people who brought cob building to the USA and founders of the North American School of Natural Building, the FIRST natural building school in North America.
If this is your first time at Cob Cottage Company, we ask for a $100 donation for the work party overheads, half of which can be applied to the deposit for a workshop this year. Alumni and returning work party helpers are always welcome at no additional cost. Attendees must commit to a minimum of 3 whole working days. We try to keep attendance down to about ten people, so we'll prioritize those who are able to be here for at least 5 full days.

This is an inexpensive way to visit and learn from us. You can sleep in a cob cottage and spend time in other cob buildings for long enough to refine your own plans for building or redesigning your existing home/office/studio. You'll meet interesting people on the same quest, some from all over the world. We will eat gourmet food from our garden (which we all help to prepare), enjoy evenings together with fires and sometimes music.

Your stay here can be life-changing. It's good work and a party too!

Please call 541-396-1825 to reserve your space!  Out of town volunteers please arrive between 4-6pm on Friday and join us for dinner, locals please arrive at 8am on Saturday.