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Laughing House at Cob Cottage Company

Volunteers Answering your Calls:
10am to 2pm
541-396-1825 ~
PO BOX 942, Coquille, OR 97423

Covid19 Update:
Due to the recent rise in covid19 cases in Oregon, we are canceling all on-site Coquille events until at least August, including visits.  Please stay in touch.  Stay well and thanks for your patience. Our off-site 10 day workshops are still on- they will be taught by Allie Maggio in Junction City Oregon (refer to the workshop calendar to book your space now! Filling fast because they are the only local cob courses this summer).
NEXT TOUR DATE:   Each month we host a free public tour with a potluck following.  Come meet Linda and Ianto, see over a dozen cob demonstration buildings and garden walls as well as a huge sustainable garden. 
Call 541-396-1825 to get directions and to RSVP for the tour and potluck. 
Please arrive in time to begin at 2pm on any of the following dates.

August 2nd (Status Pending depending on Covid-19 in our area - please call first)
September 6th
October 4th
November 8th

APPRENTICESHIP JUST ANNOUNCED:  Uncle Mud in Ohio has just announced they will host a few apprentices from July 6 to 24th in Ohio.  Here is his message:
Uncle Mud here. We are fortunate to have a comfortable safe place to hole up. We have been considering how we might safely invite a small group to join us.

Our primary concern is safety. We don't feel it would be prudent given the Covid situation to open up to anywhere near our normal number of workshop participants. If you have been practicing social distancing (minimal contact with the public, hand washing, masks and physical separation etc) and are willing to continue it with us and respect the risks of any sort of gathering AND you want to get your hands muddy this may be the thing for you.

From July 6 to 24 Uncle Mud and Family are hosting a small Natural Building and Living internship at our rural home east of Cleveland Ohio. Hands-on lessons include stone foundations, round pole framing, cob and straw-clay, windows and doors, earthen plasters, earthen floors, limewash, natural paints, living roofs and more. Shade-tree lectures and campfire discussions include building code, harvesting materials, natural design, as well as passive heating and cooling. Break-out sessions will also be offered on request in Permaculture Gardening, Rocket stoves and heaters, solar hot water, composting toilets and related topics.

For social distancing purposes our projects and living space will be spread out over multiple buildings (mainly outside) including a cob and bale cottage, a bottle and cob bath house, and a barn and manufactured house we are renovating with Natural Materials. As safety and weather permit we will include field trips to nearby parks, swimming holes and Natural Building projects.

Tuition includes all activities, your own camping spot, hot showers, snacks and vegan-friendly whole foods we prepare together, and all the fun you can stuff in. The workshop and site are family friendly, with lots for the kids to do too. Space is limited. Tuition for the three week internship is $1250 with sliding scale discounts for groups. Partial work-trade scholarships are available.  A treehouse and other upgraded accommodations are available at additional cost on a first-come basis. Social distancing will be practiced including face coverings, our best efforts to give each other proper room, and minimal outside interaction.

Contact Chris at or 440-221-6609 to sign up or get on our contact list.

UNCLE MUD is on the air again - this time for Mother Earth News:  Check out his newest podcast at