Workshop Registration

For more information or to learn about any new workshops not yet listed on this site, please contact the Cob Cottage Company:

    Cob Cottage Company
    PO Box 942
    Coquille, OR 97423

    Phone (541) 396-1825
    Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-2pm.

Discounts, Trades, and Scholarships: For on-site Cob Cottage Company workshops in Coquille we offer discounts as follows:

     * 3 day workshop paid 30 days in advance - save $60
*5 day workshop paid 60 days in advance - save $120
*9 day workshop paid 90 days in advance - save $200
The basic fee for all Cob Cottage workshops includes tuition, materials, three vegetarian meals daily (unless otherwise noted), 
and camping (see "notes" in your workshop's specifics). Space is limited, so register early.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the tuition is required to reserve your space and balance is due 30 days prior to the workshop start date.
Withdrawals within 30 days or less of the workshop will forfeit deposit except in the case of personal catastrophe.

All payments are cash or POSTAL MONEY ORDERS (from a Post Office) payable to Cob Cottage Company if its is a Coquille workshop,
otherwise it is payable to the host of the workshop. Please phone the host before sending your payment.

We suggest you contact us before making travel plans to set up carpools, etc. We can nearly always find others to carpool with and save money as well as gas consumption.

Registration form for on-site Coquille workshops only, please print and mail to (all others contact your host provider for mailing): 
Cob Cottage Company PO Box 942 Coquille, OR 97423 __ Enroll me in a cob building workshop (See current workshop schedule for information, deposits, and prices): Workshop Title: _____________________________________________________ Dates:_______________ Location:___________________________ I have enclosed: $____________ NON-REFUNDABLE deposit $____________Full payment (includes NON-REFUNDABLE deposit) PAYMENT: Note the prices shown are U.S. dollars and must be paid with a Postal money order(s) (That is a money order
only obtained through a US Post or Canadian Post Office NO WHERE ELSE) or cash. CCC can not process credit cards.
Off site hosts may accept checks or credit cards, please contact them directly for payment options. When sending cash through the mail, please make sure that it is not visible through the envelope. Total Enclosed: $ ________________