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Laughing House at Cob Cottage CompanyLaughing House at Cob Cottage Company

Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 10am to 2pm
541-396-1825 ~
PO BOX 942, Coquille, OR 97423
Help our friends at Quail Springs win a $10,000 grant!
Visit before April 21st and cast your vote for QUAIL SPRINGS.  The grant will go a long way to share their permaculture knowledge with others.  You can vote once per day!  Together we can help them win for sure!
ROCKET MASS HEATER EDITION III is here!!!  Hot off the press....order NOW! 
Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson have done it again!  The best of the best Third Edition is ready for your reading and stoving pleasure!  Celebrating its tenth anniversary, this book is about bringing comfort home to the bench or bed you sit or lie down on.  Ecological Designer Ianto Evans, a visionary in Natural Building and an expert in improved wood burning stoves, who has been heating his home with a Rocket Mass Heater for over 25 years will inspire you to make one of your own.  Leslie has done an outstanding job in creating this fully updated version with improved construction techniques, reader feedback, experimentations, and full Case Studies by the best Pyro's in the land.  You can order your copy by sending a Postal Money order or $24 cash to Cob Cottage Company at the address above; or order NOW online by credit card or electronic check to purchase a hard copy or downloadable copy at ROCKETSTOVES.COM~ for a limited time only you can save 20% off the download version by entering the code "FRIENDSHIP" at checkout...and good luck with your stove! 
NEXT TOUR DATE:  Join us on May __ at 4pm  for a free tour and potluck to follow.  Meet the staff, see what we have been up to this year.  See over a dozen cob buildings and garden walls, huge sustainable garden and Boots the cat!  Call 541-396-1825 to RSVP.  If you can't make May the next one will be in June - hope to see you at one of them!
JUNE COMPLETE COB AT THE SOURCE - Space Still Available! In a 9 day Complete Cob workshop taught by Shawn King, you'll return to where it all began some decades ago right here in Coquille!  Its not only the home of Linda and Ianto but its also where many have learned before you at the Cob Cottage Complex.  In just 9 short days you'll learn all you need to know about making and building with Cob!  Come join us at the Source!!!
DON'T MISS THE JULY COB BUILDING EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!  COME LEARN WITH BERNHARD MASTERSON AND REBEKAH LESHER ALL ABOUT COB, BALECOB, STRAWBALE AND MORE!!!!   Often when one embarks upon the journey of Natural Building, we quickly realize that Cob is not the only way to go and more than the norm it is combined with other techniques that make sense.  Strawbale and balecob walls are often used for the much needed insulation that cob just can not offer.  So in this great 9 day Complete Cob course we not only will teach you all about cob but we will also be building balecob and strawbale walls so you can learn how to incorporation them into your own cottage! Its quick, efficent and a must for most cob structures.  A jamb packed workshop that you won't regret! Why just take a basic cob course, when you can learn that and more in July!!!  Come join us in beautiful Bandon by the Sea, just 19 miles from the home base Coquille site. Email Tammy for more information or to register today -