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Laughing House at Cob Cottage Company

Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 10am to 2pm
541-396-1825 ~
PO BOX 942, Coquille, OR 97423
 Join us anytime from October 3-9th for a work party in preparation for our upcoming winter season.  Button up summer projects and get to know and work with Linda and Ianto.  See Workshop calendar for more information or call Rebekah at 541-396-1825.
LAST CHANCE!!!!  SEPTEMBER COBBING IN YOSEMITE!!!  Don't forget this last chance to Cob in 2014 with the Cob Cottage Company crew.  We will be hosting a 9 day Complete Cob workshop in beautiful Yosemite California.  If you delayed learning for the year, this is the perfect chance to experience cob and take in the incredible energies of Yosemite!  Join Dave and Pedro this September.  For more information you may email or call the office M/W/F at 541-396-1825 and chat with Rebekah.
The Cob Cottage Company invites you to visit "Cobville" and meet the originators of Oregon Cob Construction. 

Tour our village of 20 cob structures and stay the night in a delightful cob cottage.  Take a walk in our rain forest and enjoy vegetarian / vegan cuisine prepared with our organic produce from our garden in our cob cafe.  If you wish, register for an upcoming course or arrange a special private consultation in building your own cob cottage using the soil right under your feet.

Special rates for 2014:

Suggested Donations:

  Cottage (per night)      $50

  Tour, Meal + Cottage  $100

  Tour + Camping          $50

  Special Consultation   $50

  Courses                     See website list

Please contact Linda Smiley directly at 541 551 1900 to make a reservation.  Hope to see you soon!

NEXT TOUR DATE:  SEPTEMBER TOUR CANCELLED.  Please Join us on TBA at 4pm  for a free tour and potluck to follow.  Meet the staff, see what we have been up to this year.  See over a dozen cob buildings and garden walls, huge sustainable garden and Boots the cat!  Call 541-396-1825 to RSVP. 
ROCKET MASS HEATER EDITION III is here!!!  Hot off the press....order NOW! 
Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson have done it again!  The best of the best Third Edition is ready for your reading and stoving pleasure!  Celebrating its tenth anniversary, this book is about bringing comfort home to the bench or bed you sit or lie down on.  Ecological Designer Ianto Evans, a visionary in Natural Building and an expert in improved wood burning stoves, who has been heating his home with a Rocket Mass Heater for over 25 years will inspire you to make one of your own.  Leslie and Ianto have done an outstanding job in creating this fully updated version with improved construction techniques, reader feedback, experimentations, and full Case Studies by the best Pyro's in the land.  You can order your copy by sending a Postal Money order or $24 cash to Cob Cottage Company at the address above; or order NOW online by credit card or electronic check to purchase a hard copy or downloadable copy at ROCKETSTOVES.COM~ for a limited time only you can save 20% off the download version by entering the code "FRIENDSHIP" at checkout...and good luck with your stove!