Other Natural Building Resources

Here are some more resources for all things natural building! 

    • Maps of the locations of natural buildings and people involved in creating natural buildings are available at naturalhomes.org
    • Cob email listserve (email based discussion group), created in 1996 and going strong with almost a thousand members from all over the world: www.deatech.com/natural/coblist/
    • A web page of links to a range of environmental and natural building related information, with an emphasis on cob related sites: www.deatech.com/natural/
    • The Cob Cottage Company is a founding member of the Natural Building Network, a membership based non-profit education and outreach organization dedicated to making sustainable & regenerative healthy habitation more universally accessible, desirable and plausible. INow with a facebook presence at: https://www.facebook.com/Natural-Building-Network
    • A thorough listing of cob building workshops available in North America: cobworkshops.org