Information Request

Information request/donations, please print and mail to:

        Cob Cottage Company
        PO Box 942
        Coquille, OR 97423

__ My publication would like to print an article on cob.

   Please send (check one or more):
         __Schedule of Workshops 
         __Book Lists
__ I'd like to learn more about becoming a Cob Cottage Company apprentice.

__ I'd like to support your research.  I've enclosed a donation of 


   Please send payment or donations in the form of cash or US postal money
   orders, we can't process credit cards. (Our experience is that concealed
   cash in the USA mail system is quite safe). When sending cash through the
   mail, please make sure that it is not visible through the envelope.

                                      Other people I believe would be 
                                      interested in Cob Cottage Company's
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