Talented Natural Builders/Teachers Wanted

Cob Cottage Company is looking for talented, experienced Natural Builders who would love to share knowledge with us. We are a group of friends who really like one another, who work together like a theater company. We put on magical acts about natural building and sustainable living that entertain and inspire the public. We take on people we really like, then figure out how to get the work done, so there are lots of interesting projects that we share according to abilities.

  • Cob Cottage is the senior group in North America specializing in cob and natural building. We have trained many of the professionals now well-known in the field.
  • We are a public service, not a business. We provide information on natural building to anyone who needs it. We are specifically looking for people who could teach or build with the Cob Cottage Company.
  • We share knowledge in and out of workshop settings, do talks and slideshows, produce publications and the co-create books on natural building and sustainable living. We are the originators of the annual national Colloquium on Natural Building. We are a tiny group with great influence, not only in changing how America builds, but in helping chart a more sensible course for individuals and society.

If you're interested in getting involved in our work, contact us at 541-396-1825, P.O. Box 942, Coquille, OR 97423. The best time to call is during office hours: Monday, Wednesday or Friday 10 AM to 2 PM PST. Keep checking our website, www.cobcottage.com, for more details as our new plans evolve.