Complete Cob: Fire Resistant Housing in California!


Point Arena, CA


Kirk Mobert, SunDogBuilders

Start Date: 

Friday, May 31, 2019

End Date: 

Sunday, June 9, 2019




Includes all meals, camping is available free of charge


In cooperation with our Alumni at SunDog Builders as your host, Cob Cottage company is happy to sponsor another Complete Cob 9-day workshop California Style!  Kirk Mobert aka "Donkey"  has designed this course to teach ordinary people the skills to build their own cob cottages, from the foundation to the roof. Our projects are small, mostly under 200 square feet, geared towards attaining a high level of completion in a short amount of time. We'll take you through an intensive, step by step, instructional course on how to: site/design, excavate, build a foundation, build the walls, AND get the roof assembled on a small cob cottage. The MORE part of the workshop is a special demonstration class on "alternatives to cob", where we will cover other natural building techniques using similar materials - like light straw clay, waddle and daub, adobe and others.  Just an added bonus so you can get a taste for how you may utilize many of the techniques out there. This course, created by Bryan and Kirk, is the result of several years of experience teaching the "$1000 House" course at Cob Cottage Co. Were they have taken 3 weeks of instruction and condensed it into 9 days!  A truly intensive course and chance to do it all in just 9 days!  Not many can teach a complete start to finish of a building in a short period of time - come prepared to be busy!!!Check out more about SunDog Builders and their site at THIS WORKSHOP DIRECTLY WITH SUNDOG BUILDERS (PLEASE VISIT THEIR WEBSITE!)