Rocket Mass Heaters : NEW Edition III


Ianto Evans & Leslie Jackson




Rocket Mass Heaters


Announcing Rocket Mass Heaters Edition III

The Third Edition is ready for your reading and stoving pleasure!

its tenth anniversary, this book is about bringing comfort home to the
bench or bed you sit or lie down on. Ecological Designer Ianto Evans, a
visionary in Natural Building and an expert in improved wood burning
stoves, who has been heating his home with a Rocket Mass Heater for over
25 years will inspire you to make one of your own. With clear and
clever drawings and anecdotes, this update of the book contains:

  • philosophy of wood burning and home heating
  • experiments you can do to learn efficient wood burning
  • instructions for building a Rocket Mass Heater yourself
  • improved construction instructions based on reader feedback and experimentation
  • expanded Safety chapter, contributed by Art Ludwig
  • full-color
    Case Studies by: Ernie and Erica Wisner, Kirk "Donkey" Mobert, Kiko
    Denzer, Peter van den Berg, Lasse Holmes, Bernhard Masterson, Max and
    Eva Edleson,  & Art Ludwig.

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