Public Tours

Cob Cottage Company is located on a lovely 350-acre Nature Preserve in a rare example of Coast Range temperate rain forest. We were the first natural building school in North America and now have about a dozen cob and natural buildings. We’d like to invite you to come tour our garden, buildings, and learn about our way of life. During the tour we will walk leisurely through the meadow and explain the history of the buildings and materials used, and attempt to answer questions.

If scheduling permits we might invite you to share a meal with us. We ask for a $50 fee. This fee goes towards supporting the school. If you take a workshop with us within a year, we will deduct the fee amount from your registration fee. We are also interested in bartering. Please take a look at the 'Needs List'; if you have something we might be able to use, call and see if there's a possibility of making a trade.

Call us at 541-396-1825 to RSVP for our next free tour and confirmation of starting time.  Tours are generally scheduled in the late afternoon with an evening potluck meal to follow.  We always enjoy chocolate and fruit. In an effort to encourage visitors to car pool we ask that you call us at least a week in advance to see if there’s any one else interested in coming from the area you are traveling through. You may have a lot in common with them. We hope to see you soon.

Our 2018 Tour Schedule is:

Saturday, February 10th  2pm
Saturday, March 10th  2pm
Sunday, April 8th  2pm
Saturday, May 12th  2pm
Saturday, June 9th  3pm
Sunday, July 8th  3pm
Saturday, August 18th  3pm
Sunday, September 9th  3pm
Sunday, October 7th  2pm
Saturday, November 10th 2pm
Saturday, December 8th  2pm