COB, BaleCob, Light Straw Clay Extravaganza!


Bandon, OR


Bernhard Masterson & Rebekah Hacker!!!!!

Start Date: 

Friday, July 17, 2020

End Date: 

Sunday, July 26, 2020




Includes all meals, camping is available free of charge


FOR REGISTRATION BOOK DIRECTLY WITH TAMMY at Five41-Three47-7801 or email her at ~ do not book this course through the Cob Cottage Office. 

Note: I will be away from my computer February 22 to March 20th, so please try to book before then - or email me so I can get back to you when I have computer access.  You can also text only to 4eight0-818-eight548.  Thanks for your patience.  We are nearly full but have a few spaces left so book before we fill up!!!!

*Register and prepay before April 1st to save 10% at $828 rate, after April 1st full price applies. Don't wait as this is our most popular workshop and the limited number of spaces will fill fas as this popular workshop always sells out!



Join us in Oregon, in beautiful Bandon-by-the-Sea for a 9-day intensive, our most comprehensive combined cob and natural building course available!

In this expanded version of our most popular program ever, we will take the ground out from under your feet and turn it into a versatile medium to teach you to sculpt a garden wall or even a whole house. The primary focus of the course will be completing a tiny cob/balecob cottage.  In addition, we will introduce you to an array of other natural building wall systems such as adobe and light straw clay and show you how to merge these natural building materials to remodel, insulate, and add to existing wood framed buildings and an old metal mobile home!  Earthen plasters will also be discussed and demonstrated.  (Please note that the foundation for the cottage we will build together will be completed prior to the workshop. However, we will learn the components of its construction and do a hands-on foundation for a future building together.  If you would like to volunteer to help us with the cottage's foundation prior to the workshop, please let us know - it will probably be completed in May or early June.)

You will learn construction of cob walls, framing-in of doors and windows, artistic details and some finish work too. We will have daily discussion time for siting/design, rubble trench and poured foundations, roofing options, passive solar, plasters and whatever else we can share!

In addition to our time in Bandon, the course will include an extensive tour at the Cob Cottage complex in Coquille, where you will meet Linda Smiley and Ianto Evans, trailblazers in the North American natural building movement and Directors of the one and only Cob Cottage Company!

DON'T MISS THIS ONE, FOLKS!!! This will be an incredible experience for those desiring to add many techniques to your natural building skillset. You'll leave confident enough to build a cob structure of your own or to naturally renovate an existing stick frame building! (Come see the lighthouse we built out of cob and balecob in last years workshop, WOW! Or the Kracken an old 1950's trailer converted with cob and light straw clay....and our newest is the SurfShack complete with a VW bug embedded into the wall for a planter and a bed!  We do it FUN and ARTISTIC around here!!!)

THE TEAM:(yeah we have confirmed we indeed will be blessed with the Bernhard and Rebekah amazing duo!)
Bernhard Masterson is our lead instructor, and he is one of the best! Bernhard has been building and teaching natural building and alternative building design for more than 15 years in the Pacific Northwest, through Cob Cottage Company, Pacific University, Portland and Clackamas Community Colleges, Village Building Convergence, and independent workshops and contracts. He has built and lived in several cob and strawbale homes.  In addition, Bernhard has played a significant role in efforts to incorporate natural building materials and designs into building code.

Rebekah Hacker, Cob Cottage Company office manager, instructor and natural builder.  Rebekah has co-instructed with Bernhard here in Bandon on four seperate occassions, has been the office manager for the past 8 years at CCC, has built their own cob structure, timber framed structure and huge cob oven for their wood-fired bread business here in Coos County.  Fun and knowledgeable on all levels of natural building - she and Berhnard make an exceptional duo you won't be bored!

Tammy Van was the Office Manager for Cob Cottage Company for 4 years.  She is now the Cob Cottage Company online Coordinator and world-cob-networker, and has co-instructed workshops with various instructors including four in Bandon with Bernhard! She is your host, and the founder of the SustainableU program. 

Our team will also include our amazing cooks who will make sure you are well fed three meals a day. There is not enough we can say about them and their amazing skills. You will NOT be hungry, and everyone will have an opportunity throughout the week to work with them in the kitchen to learn some of their tasty secrets, a highlight of the week for many!

We will also be joined by Bob Van who makes it all happen behind-the-scenes, making sure the material components are ready when we are and happy to share woodworking, electrical, plumbing and patience with anyone wanting to learn. Our onsite interns and residents will help along the way, share knowledge and inspire others with their own life's journeys.

And there are always various team members around that live on site or nearby who will be here to assist and share as well.  We have an amazing teach and so blessed everyone has the same passion to share this knowledge with others.  In my opinion there are not near enough cob and natural building opportunities being offered out there - we need more like YOU to come learn and pay the knowledge forward for all!!!  Hope you can make it!

Here at the SustainableU complex in Bandon, Oregon we continue to build infastructure for a growing sustainable education center. Currently there are now 7 cob buildings and a large cob courtyard gathering space; two community space buildings remodeled with natural materials including cob, balecob, light straw clay, adobe and strawbale; and a large communal kitchen made of balecob and load bearing strawbale. This year's project is TBD (we have several options at this time - it will either be a small stand alone cottage or a multi building SPA space complete with a small sauna). This is not just an opportunity to learn cob and natural building but to co-create something even greater for the future good of those who come next. Your participation in this project will continue to inspire others for years. You are not coming to just learn ABOUT cob and natural building, but learning FROM cob and natural building. We hope you can join us.

(We will start with dinner and introductions on the first day and end after lunch on the last day to allow for easy travel time. Plan on arriving early that day and dont' feel like you need to rush off, the Oregon Coast is a beautiful in July - you can camp here and enjoy the splendor of the Redwoods nearby and the amazing Pacific Ocean.)


Space is limited to allow personalized hands on instruction and this Extravaganza always books early! Registrations opens January 1, 2020 and if you sing up before March 1st save 10% $828.  After April 1st the full price goes into effect at $920.  Tuition includes all meals and camping on site.  All proceeds from our workshop pay our instructors and cooks, and anything left goes into the materials and buildings here at SustainableU an emerging sustainable education center and project of Seven Fires Foundation,  Your registration not only helps you but will help so many into the future.  Thank you for caring for our Earth and your desires to learn and share.

EMAIL TAMMY at for more details and to reserve your space today!



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