We share knowledge to teach practical skills to people who want to apply Natural Building to their lives. We are the senior resource on Natural Building in North America. Each day includes demonstrations and hands-on learning on real buildings with discussions, slides and lectures. Expect long days of hard work, wholesome food, peaceful scenery, and high satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of trainings in Natural Building. Phone us for help choosing the workshop that suits you best.         Details:

  • Phone to pre-enroll before sending money. Best time to call is when a volunteer is here to answer phones, between 10 am and 2 pm PST Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Enroll early discounts and before the courses fill up!
  • Call (541)396-1825 for onsite workshops in Coquille.  For all other off-site workshops please call the host directly to register or ask any questions about those workshops. Contact information for off-site workshops is included in the description text of each workshop.
  • Discounts for ON-SITE WORKSHOP ONLY:  Prepayment 10% discount if paid 90 days in advance; receive another 10% discount if you register with two or more persons (pay that in advance for a total of 20% off for each person!). DISCOUNTS ONLY APPLY TO WORKSHOPS AT COB COTTAGE COQUILLE SITE - Contact the host for off-site workshop to see if any additional discounts may apply or carefully read the workshop descriptions for more information.
  • Be sure you are ready to commit before making your reservation!  A $400 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold your space in a 9-day workshop. all other workshops require a 50% non-refundable deposit.  Full Balance is due 30 days prior to the workshop start date. Once your reservation is made, cancellation prior to a workshop will forfeit your deposit (except in the case of personal catastrophe). So PLEASE make sure you will be attending the workshop if you reserve a space.
  • Most workshop fees include all meals and tent camping onsite, unless otherwise noted.

You may also wish to visit our Affiliate Workshops page. Which lists other workshops taught by people associated with Cob Cottage Company.


Title Start Date End Date Location Cost Instructors
Complete Cob at the Source! May 19 2017 May 28 2017 Coquille, OR $1,140 Shawn King
Intro to Cob and Cob Cottage Company Jun 9 2017 Jun 11 2017 Coquille $360 Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley
WorkPARTY!!! Jun 14 2017 Jun 20 2017 Coquille $100 / $0 CCC Residents
Adopt a Cob Cottage Weekend Work Party Jun 23 2017 Jun 25 2017 Coquille, OR $170 CCC Volunteers
Intro to Cob and Cob Cottage Company Jun 30 2017 Jul 2 2017 Coquille $360 Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley
WorkPARTY!!! Jul 18 2017 Jul 22 2017 Coquille $100/0 CCC Volunteers
Adopt a Cob Cottage Work Party Aug 4 2017 Aug 6 2017 Coquille $170 Volunteers
Complete Cob at the Source! Sep 1 2017 Sep 10 2017 Coquille, OR $1,140 TBA
WorkPARTY!!! Sep 12 2017 Sep 17 2017 Coquille $100/0 CCC Volunteers
Off the Treadmill! Live a Simpler Life! Sep 22 2017 Sep 24 2017 Coquille $360 Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley and Others
Pyromania! Rocket Mass Heaters Oct 6 2017 Oct 8 2017 Coquille $360 Ianto Evans and TBA
WorkPARTY!!! Oct 10 2017 Oct 15 2017 Coquille $100/0 CCC Volunteers
WorkPARTY!!! Nov 5 2017 Nov 11 2017 Coquille $100/0 CCC Volunteers


Title Start Date End Date Location Cost Instructors
COB, BaleCob, Light Straw Clay! Jul 7 2017 Jul 16 2017 Bandon, OR $880* Bernhard Masterson and Rebekah Hacker