The Centenarian Health Code


Coquille, OR


Cari Corbet Owens

Start Date: 

Monday, April 29, 2019

End Date: 

Monday, April 29, 2019


$120 *50% discount for Locals!


Includes main meal (extra meals may be available at additional charge), camping is available free of charge


Join our friend, co-cob instructor, videographer and worldly sustainable educator Cari Corbet Ownes for this one day special event.

Have you ever wanted natural health?  Health without pills, powders, potions and doctor’s visits?  But are you confused by all the ever-changing health advice out there - you know... the butter is good, butter is bad debate and so on? I was confused too until it dawned on me that the true health answers lie with people around the globe with different creeds and cultures who are already living with good health to 100+.  I had a good place to start investigating because I had the privilege of witnessing first hand the life of my paternal grandfather, who lived with our family from when I was about six.  Although his parents hadn’t had longevity, he lived to be 101. He never went to doctors, took no regular medication and was only ever in hospital twice in his life:  once when he was injured during WW2 and once when he contracted an infection 3 years before he died. If he’d lived three years longer, his life would have spanned three different centuries.   I interviewed centenarians, watched interviews with them, and read every research study I could find on them.  Slowly a distinct pattern of around 65 commonalities emerged and they surprised me because it wasn’t what we are commonly told in the western world creates health.  It’s this information that will help you cut through the confusion and implement the principles of the 'Centenarian Code' in your own life.

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Call 541-396-1825 for more information and reservations.  And for all out of town guests we are running a special on our Mud~n~Meals program that weekend, discounted to $100.  Please call or visit our Mud~n~Meals page for more information.  Hope to see you soon!