Coquille, OR


Kirk Mobert, SunDogBuilders, Ianto Evans, Kiko Denzer

Start Date: 

Monday, April 8, 2019

End Date: 

Sunday, April 28, 2019




Includes all meals and indoor accommodations



Advanced Pyromania: Wood as fuel, how things burn, heating efficiency, how heat travels, the chemistry of combustion and human comfort


Instructed by Kirk"Donkey" Mobert and Ianto Evans with guest instructor Kiko Denzer.


LOCATION:  The Cob Cottage Company, Coquille Oregon

April 8th - April 30th, 2019

$ 3,000.00

No previous experience needed, only 5 students admitted for personal attention


Your tuition includes a stay in a cob cottage, complete with a rocket or pocket rocket stove.  It also includes all meals, mostly vegan (using organic produce grown here) put together by Cassie, the culinary artist.  You will get a chance to share fireside chats with us, walk daily in the majestic rainforest, and tour the Cob Cottage Company’s many cob buildings with a diversity of heating systems.  Some stoves have been in daily use for 20 years.


One registrant has option to stay on for a month work exchange with a $1,000.00 refund.


Rocket Stove Master Class -


This unprecedented 3 week course takes an in depth look at Rocket Stove adaptations. From simple cookers, through to Mass Heaters; a range of feed systems, we will discuss them all. We will cover combustion principles and materials usage, including home-made high temperature mixes, created from scratch. We will build 2 full working systems, as well as inspect and repair some existing stoves to learn how to spot common problems and fix them.


In this course we will:

   ~ Build a Rocket hot water system, unique in that total safety is built directly into the basic design. Heating water with fire is normally very tricky and done wrong can be very dangerous. We will build a double boiler system, which can never explode.


   ~ Build a scientifically advanced, but materially simple Rocket Stove Cooker, an important tool towards independent, sustainable living which can be incorporated into regenerative systems designs. We will explore how a sophisticated and very modern stove can be made from home-made and/or found materials. Using these basic methods, a beautiful and useful stove can be built, almost anywhere at very low cost.


   ~Inspect and repair broken or unsatisfactory stoves. One of the best ways to get your brain around how Rocket Mass Heaters work is to break a few and then fix them again. Some of these are already broken, we'll find out why and repair them.



Kirk Mobert For almost 20 years has been a core innovator of Rocket Mass Heater technology. He has been a researcher and contributor to the Rocket Mass Heater book and is the creator and curator of the premiere Rocket Stove technology Kirk brings a unique experience and perspective to the subject; with simple, practical yet cutting edge methods.


Ianto Evans

In the 1970's in Guatemala he developed the Lorena stove, the first really successful wood-saving cookstove. Trainings sprang up in more than 50 countries and Ianto's book Lorena Owner built Cook Stoves was a best seller world wide. Ianto's team traveled extensively and offered trainings in cook stove design mostly in Africa, Latin America and in the Himalayas. They developed dozens of solid fuel Stove designs, many of which are still in use. He was a Special Consultant to Peace Corps, World Bank, USAID, and several foreign governments.



Ianto is also a co-author of of Rocket Mass Heaters Superefficient Woodstoves you Can Build and The Hand Sculpted House A Philosophical and Practical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage. Each of the above books are published in several languages, including French, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.  


From the development of “box stoves” (the fire in a metal box with an exit flue built in) in the 18th century, no significant changes gained public acceptance until we developed “Rocket” stoves in the 1980’s.  The only options for comfort to an open fire didn’t work very well. They used a lot of fuel, generated a lot of smoke, “burned dirty” and for fast comfort you had to be dangerously close to the burner. The dirty burn resulted in creosote condensing in the chimney, leading to cleaning costs and sometimes house fires.  A small team led by Ianto tested a wide range of improvements, of which Ianto selected to further develop one, which became the now well known “Rocket”.


In 1989 when Ianto and Linda built the first US Cob Cottage, they chose Rocket heating, building the first “mass heater”, then lived with it for five years.  There was so much public interest that Ianto finally wrote the book. Linda and Ianto have lived only in cob buildings with only Rocket heaters for thirty years now.  


The Rocket Mass Heater has become a trademark of the Cob Cottage Company, adding to the comfort and design of Oregon Cob Cottage Construction.


Kiko Denzer:

After taking a 10 day Cob workshop with Cob Cottage Company, Kiko started building mud ovens which are about the simplest form of mass heaters. That, combined with the sculptural possibilities of mud, turned into a major occupation that spawned a couple of books(Build Your Own Earth Oven and Dig Your Hands in the Dirt). Kiko has spent years teaching workshops on earth and ovens, stoves, building, and art… And building his own rocket heated cottage, cabin, and shop! Kiko doesn’t call himself a professional builder but is proud to claim that he is the worlds foremost expert on his life, which works pretty well and stays reasonably comfortable year-round without requiring too much wood or too many sweaters.