COB, BaleCob, Strawbale, LSC Building & REMODELING!


Bandon&Coquille, OR


Bernhard Masterson and Rebekah Lesher

Start Date: 

Friday, July 10, 2015

End Date: 

Sunday, July 19, 2015




Includes all meals, camping is available free of charge


In 2014 Bernhard Masterson (Mr. BaleCob extrodinaire from Portland) cleared his schedule to come share his vast knowledge in various natural building techniques.  He was joined by our very own local instructor Rebekah Lesher (and Cob Cottage Company office manager!)  We combined their talents with over 20 years of remodeling experience in stick frame housing by your hosts Bob and Tammy. We taught and completed 5 different wall systems including load bearing strawbale, cob, balecob, adobe and light straw clay.  In 2015 our workshop layout is still in the works, but it will be similiar to 2014's content and definitely just as much fun and knowledge!  

FOR REGISTRATION BOOK DIRECTLY WITH TAMMY at Five41-Three47-7801 or email her at ~ do not book this course through the Cob Cottage Office.  Register early as we are already filling spots!


Join us at our neighborhood location in beautiful Bandon by the Sea for the most comprehensive cob course available in North America where we will teach a 9 day intensive.  We will also including an extensive tour and some teaching time at our Cob Cottage complex in Coquille. 

This course will not only cover Cob, but we will also experience an array of various natural building wall systems!  And we will show you how to merge these natural building materials into remodeling of existing wood framed buildings.  Don't miss this year as we will also be taking an old metal mobile home and completely remodeling it with natural materials!  To give you the knowledge and hands on experience of as many types of wall systems we can in just in 9 days, we will build a building with:  a "to code" style strawbale wall, a more rustic style BaleCob wall, of course a Cob wall, and work with light straw clay too!  In addition, you will be building upon and learning about the various foundation options for each type of system (foundation will be completed prior to the workshop, but we will learn the components of their construction - if you would like to volunteer for foundation work prior to the workshop, please let us know)

In this expanded version of our most popular program ever, we'll take the ground out from under your feet and turn it into a versatile medium to sculpt a garden wall or even a whole house. You will learn construction of Cob walls, framing in of doors and windows, and artistic details and some finish work too. We will DISCUSS siting/design,  rubble trench and poured foundations, roofing options, passive solar, plasters and whatever else we can share in a jamb packed 9 days!

DON'T MISS THIS ONE FOLKS!!!  This will be an incredible experience for those desiring to add many techniques to your natural building skills.   You'll leave confident enough to build a cob building of your own or to naturally renovate an existing stick frame building!

Space is limited  to allow personalized hands on instruction and this Extravaganza always books early so register soon!

EMAIL TAMMY at for more details and how to reserve your space today!!! Or for more information about SustainableU and its workings with Cob Cottage Company.

Please arrive on Friday between 3pm and 5pm, workshop will end after lunch on Sunday.