Lorena Owner-Built Stoves (photocopy printout)


Ianto Evans


$ 10.00


(LIMITED SUPPLY LEFT - CALL PRIOR TO ORDERING, THANK YOU!)   What is the Lorena Stove? A permanent cookstove made with a mixture of sand and clay. Almost anyone can built it, without special tools, at almost no cost and with only this book (this version is a 24 page double sided copy of the actual text of the original Lorena Stove book published in 1980 and now out of print). Using half the fuel of most widely-used stoves on almost any fuel, it will keep coals alive up to 48 hours. While you can cook almost anything by any method in all sizes and types of pots, it heats water with the waste heat that normally escapes up the chimney. Its shape, size and functions can be varied to fit cultural cooking habits and is easily constructed. Prior to the printing of the book in 1980, the only place to learn to build a Lorena Stove was at a workshop. This book was intended to teach anyone, anywhere to build these efficient stoves. The information is of particular interest to people working to halt the spreading firewood shortage/deforestation crisis throughout the world. 24 pages, photocopied text, 8.5"x11"