Cob: Short and Sweet in 5 Days


Coquille, OR



Start Date: 

Friday, July 4, 2014

End Date: 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014




Includes all meals, camping is available free of charge


Join us at our complex here in Coquille Oregon at Cob Cottage Company's
headquarters.  This is where it all began - come work with us here at
the source for the most comprehensive cob course available in North
America.  This month  we are offering a special short version of our Cob intensive right here at Cob
Cottage Company. In just 5 jamb packed days, we'll take the ground out from under your feet and turn
it into a versatile medium to sculpt fireproof earthen structures. You
will learn construction of Cob walls, arches for doors and windows, and
artistic details and some finish work too. We will discuss
siting/design,  rubble trench foundations, roofing options, passive
solar, plasters, earthen floors and more.   Our project will be the
addition to a garden wall, complete with roofing and more - all that
goes into a small cottage goes into a wall (and more!)  And you'll leave
confident enough to build a cob building of your own or beautify your
own land with great garden walls! Space is limited  to allow
personalized hands on instruction. Don't miss this great opportunity to
learn at the source of the cob revival here at Cob Cottage Company in
Coquille. Please arrive on the 4th between 3-5pm for a 6pm dinner and we will end after lunch on the 8th