Cob and Natural Building Internship


Bandon, Oregon


Tammy & Others

Start Date: 

Monday, July 1, 2019

End Date: 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019




Includes main meal, camping is available free of charge



Due to popular demand in 2018 for our summer internship where we build an amazing "Surf Shack" complete with a VW Bug parked in the wall! We are considering offering a month long internship next year if enough parties are interested.  We would take a maximum of 8 and probably 6 for sure.  So, if you think you would be interested in joining us for at least a month next year to learn a start to finish build - let us know this winter and we'll see what the Universe has in store for us all!  Here are the highlights from last years event.  2019 will be similar but a bit shorter duration as we did not need the extra time to complete our build this year.  Email Tammy at if you are interested and we'll talk more....

In 2018, SustainableU Program invited a select few to spend the summer with us again this year for a summer internship program.  This is an opportunity to live and learn a full emersion of natural building for at month or two, we prefer you stay for two but are flexible. 

This is an opportunity to get extensive experience and cultivate new skills in natural building and more. Included is your full tuition for our 9 day intensive Natural Building Extravaganza Workshop (a $880 value). You will gain experience in running and developing a sustainable education site, permaculture design, natural building, plasters and finishing work as well as maintenance, food and fuel systems, animal husbandry, and more.  Whatever knowledge we possess that you choose to know, just ask and we will be happy to share our wisdom gained over the years.


Includes one months tuition, field trips, July 9 day Natural Building Extravaganza workshop, pre-and- post works for that workshop, delicious meals prepared by you and the team in the community kitchen. You will also be able to use our facilities to try out finishing crafts and more. Places limited to 5 participants. If you only want to attend the workshop, rather than the whole two month internship, please call to discuss all the options.  Or email Tammy at for more information or application to apply.  Perfect for the beginniner or established natural builder who just wants more hands on experience in all the details outside a normal workshop setting.  We have hosted cob workshops for the past 6 years and have many many years of construction and community siting, learn from our knowledge - we are happy to share!